Major Things You Need To Buy For A Baby

Baby Car-seat CoversBaby Car-seat Covers

Baby car-seat covers are an accessory that pairs with a car seat. Car seat covers are useful for many purposes. They help protect the baby from the sun or a slight drizzle and they help keep the baby undisturbed when they nap and you need to move the baby with them in the car seat. Some car seats come with their own covers, however, they are a wide variety of car seat covers available that come in different colors, prints and some that can even be customized. Before you get a car seat cover, read the instructions of the car set to make sure you are getting the right one that fits the car seat. Also when using a car seat cover, do not neglect the baby nut check on them regularly to ensure they are getting enough air and they are comfortable.

Diaper Bags

You hear parents always talk about the diaper bags they carry around for their babies. If you are a new or expecting parent, you probably have a rough idea what they are talking about or maybe you have no idea and you are lost as to where to start when it comes to putting together a diaper bag. Whether it’s the first or Last Diaper Bag You Will Buy,  you need to know how to pack it with the right items for you and your baby. Below I have detailed what basics are needed in a diaper bag and how to pack a diaper bag.

How to Organize a Diaper BagBaby Car-seat Covers

Here are some simple steps you can take when organizing your diaper bag that will help you not feel overwhelmed or leave anything out.

  • Unzip every compartment and dump everything out of your diaper bag.
  • Get rid of everything you don’t need.
  • While you have your bag emptied, it may not be a bad idea to go ahead and clean your diaper bag.
  • Start loading your diaper bag by zones. Keep the zones together by compartment or mesh bags. I use the following order.
  • Pack your diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and wet bag.
  • Pack an extra pair of clothes for baby.
  • Pack feeding accessories (bottles, sippy cup, snacks, bib, burp cloth, etc.)
  • Roll up your swaddle blanket and store it in an inside compartment.
  • Baby entertainment

What to Put in a Diaper BagBaby Car-seat Covers

Here is my must have if you have a smaller diaper bag or if you want to pack a small diaper bag to leave in the car or office or a grandparents house in case of emergencies.

  • Diapers, wipes, wet bag (for cloth diapering folks), wipes solution (for cloth wipe users) and changing pad. For a newborn, when you’ll be out all day, 5-6 diapers is good (plus or minus depending on disposable vs. cloth). As baby gets older, you can take less and less.
  • Bottle or nursing cover and when babe is older – one spoon, one bib, baby food or baggy of toddler snacks. This shouldn’t take up more than a tiny amount of space in the bag.
  • Change of clothes —  you don’t need more than one outfit unless you’ll be gone all day long.
  • Toys – don’t need more than three small toys! Also, a pacifier if your baby uses one.
  • Travel size diaper cream and sunscreen.

Baby JoggersBaby Car-seat Covers

Baby joggers are becoming increasingly very popular. As more and more moms are focused on losing baby weight and staying healthy baby joggers grow from being a fad to being a necessity for parents. The baby jogger I think came about as a result of necessity.

Most parents prior went on runs or jogs with their babies in strollers or had to leave their babies at home with a babysitter, with a parent or with a spouse. As more and more parents choose to take babies on runs in the strollers it gave more parents to confidence to do some and in that, a tradition was born and hence the baby jogger.

The baby jogger was made specifically for going on jogs. It is lightweight, highly maneuverable in any terrain with options for UV protection with remote control wheels. As mentioned earlier recent moms like to lose their baby weight as quickly as possible. Pop culture events like moms finishing 5 and 10ks with a baby in baby jogger in tow further fuels that need.

As moms try to stay healthy and go on jobs with their babies they should keep in mind that staying healthy is the goal and so should go at a pace that suits them avoid feeling pressured and enjoy the process and bonding time with their babies.

Baby Car-seat Covers

In addition to baby joggers, there are also baby and car seat products that have been reinvented to offer more comfort and ease of use to babies and for parents respectively. Baby car seats and baby strollers tend to be bulky, take up space and are difficult to carry around or travel with. The new inventions of baby strollers offer very lightweight options.

Car seats that convert into strollers and strollers that can contain both baby and toddler and still be lightweight. This two in one approach offers parents the convenience of more space to carry other items and less heavy lifting and more children in tow.